The Social Media

Eliana Waxman '21

Eliana Waxman is excited to take her place as social media director and oldest qaby for Quadramics. She is often described as a child and a grandmother in one sentence, perfectly capturing her clumsy and giggly personality. She can usually be seen running between Annenberg and Williams in an oversized sweatshirt, writing some paper or article somewhere, or heard by her roommates belting anything from show tunes to Camila Cabello to reciting John Mulaney stand-up sets in the shower. This Chicago native is hard to spot not lugging a purple yoga mat around campus (yes, that's her). In other words, she's a mess, but a good one. Eliana has appeared on stage with Q as a featured player in Pippin and helped (barely) with prod crew for Little Shop of Horrors. This wacky, theater-lover looks forward to working on more shows this year, especially with her qamily!