The Treasurer

Sean Begane '20

Sean “Michael” Begane is, according to his mother, a pretty swell guy. And in a group where everyone is pretty out there, he prides himself in being debatably the most out there. One time, Sean even covered his upper body in makeup, wore a bright pink skirt, and made dolphin noises in a basement for a very confused audience.

While Sean may be the youngest in the group, he is also the least old, so he’s got that going for him. Also a New Jersey native, you will commonly find Sean walking around campus with a half gallon of Wawa brand raspberry iced tea. At odd hours, however, you are even more likely to find good ol' Sean in the library doing an engineering or something... who knows really.

Sean really does love Quadramics, even though it took him a million and a half years to write this bio. He would also be v thankful if you followed him on Twitter @seanbegane.