The Web Director

Paddy Loftus '19

Paddy “that really extra white boy” Loftus still doesn’t like it when people call him PDaddy. But always worried that his qoes get home safe, his protests have silenced. Ultimately, in his qifetime he has learned much:
1. Always show off your architectural savvy
2. An opossum is not a possum
3. A reminiscent *whip* is no better received than a normal *whip*
4. Yikes
5. Juju is a dank cuddle buddy
6. An umbrella on a roof is a lightning rod for some ~good times~

And although his “stereotypically” “Irish" skillz are great, Paddles has a lot to learn before he’s ready to brave being a Senior. Even when abroad, I believe QLoft can sufficiently #getemo.