The Chair

Shailly Pandey '18

Shailly Pandey is a senior in the college but an eighty-year-old at heart. She was once referred to as "the brains behind the operation" by fellow qady Kyla. While she isn't sure if this is true, Shailly feels that she is usually the awkward palm tree in the corner. She embraces this position, however, and with the help of Q has blossomed into a kind of less awkward palm tree. She looks best with a headset on, a decaf coffee in hand, and lots of booth snacks. If you can't find Shailly in GTB with zero motivation and bemoaning the #premedlife, you'll probably find her two feet away in her kitchen making a mountain of pasta. She's so happy to have a ~qrew~ with board and she can't wait for all the qadventures that are to come.