The Social Chair

Zach Walters '18

In 1996 a star was born in New York. I'm sure you'll hear about him one day, but also in 1996 Zach was born outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Despite having spent his entire life in suburbia, he is still your standard Midwestern boy. From his awkward door-holding record of 27 minutes to his buttermilk-ranch-guzzling tendencies, Zach takes the charm out of Midwestern charm. But no worries, when he isn't incessantly trying to live up to his Missouri stereotype, you can find Zach wandering aimlessly in the streets looking for friends or painting on random pieces of trash to "decorate" his room (because the traffic cone and posters of Mac and Cheese just aren't enough.)

And to keep (make) things interesting, Zach has been brought in as the new Social Chair of Quadramics. Is the world ready for what he has in store? No. Is he going to do it anyway? Yes.